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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Pure Logic Escrow is a team of industry professionals with a focus on uncompromising integrity and unparalleled customer service. From start to finish we are dedicated to delivering superior services in every transaction to insure the highest quality escrow experience for our clients and partners.

We don’t measure our success by the number of years we've been in business, or by the total number of transactions we have closed over time, but by the satisfaction of each client, every time. It’s this way of doing business that has established our reputation of delivering consistently high quality service that people can depend on time and time again.

We are a fiercely independent escrow company that is not owned by a real estate or title insurance company. We cling to our independence because we never want to be beholden to anyone and it allows us to remain an impartial third party that represents the best interests of everyone involved. By remaining independent of any affiliate relationships our clients can be assured that we put their interests first.

We are licensed and regulated by the Department of Financial Protection & Innovation, license number 963-2692. 

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